Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why rush into choosing sides?

I find myself quite confused lately. Naturally, I would rather have this war ended heading towards a diplomatic course of action rather than a military one. I would like to see these 19-20 year olds, serve as soldiers, coming home unharmed and see no more victims both in the Israeli and in the Lebanese sides. But, at the same time, am I supposed to voice an oppositional, anti-war voice automatically? I am pro protest anywhere and anytime. I do not have a problem with the right to protest. I do believe that we have to ask our government some difficult questions and not to go after their war strategy blindly like a sheep herd. Yet, I am against the automatic respond left-wing activists generate: Give me a chance to evaluate-and re-evaluate my own believes and thoughts.

Yes, I admit, this war brings up a frightening sense of déjà vu. The bleeding pictures and sights from the first Israeli war in Lebanon in the 1980's pop up in my mind like those unwanted Internet banners. And yes, I would expect my government to think it over and over before rushing into military acts. I would like the Israeli prime-minister not to sleep at night as he goes through the possible horrible outcomes of this "new" war.

But, and that is a big "but", if I am normally oriented toward left-wing politically supporting the "peace" movements, does this mean that I have to protest against this war automatically? As a rational, pragmatic person I would like to think I am (or at least trying to be), am I not obligated to think this through over and over again until I am actually able to form some kind of a clear and concrete opinion? I think that many people feel the same way in this respect – humanistic, human-right activists in nature and soul who find themselves quite confused in pertaining to the legitimacy of this war.

That is not to say that I am supporting this war or completely believe my government when declaring about the necessity of this war. All I am saying is that, given the complicated circumstances, I am not sure regarding my attitude which was changing in the last 2 week several times. Therefore, I refuse to "give-in" to some other peace activists who are already on the streets protesting and naming the Israeli government all kind of names as part of their always-prepared, non-spontaneous, non-rational protest….

Carmel: I say that if something is ALWAYS right - It's wrong. Values should always meet other values in different strategies and relvancies. being left wing can't mean saying the same thing about evrey thing at any time.


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