Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sleepless with the enemy

it's 3am here and I'm sleepless. reading news sites and Lebanese blogs and commenting so much someone decided i get paid by the foreign ministry. Actually, I'm afraid soon enough they'll offer to pay me in order to shut up.

a couple of hours ago i wrote quite a Zionist post, full of belief in our air force, but i don't like what I'm reading now, the continuous attacks seem irrational and even crazy. they attack places in which our ground forces activate which is completely unlike them, and somehow every one gets killed besides Hezbollah! things i defended an hour ago make me feel stupid or stunned.

I'm confused and I'm torn between all i grew up on and things i hear from individual soldiers, and... the facts. are they facts? what are facts in days of twisted media, psychological wars and digital imaging? how odd is it, that i find authentic bits of sanity I'm willing to call truth only in personal narratives in "enemies" blogs... should I call them enemies? since it seems I'll find myself in this position tomorrow, like it or not. on one hand i want my army to defend me from Hezbollah aggression but on the other hand they must stop those air raids immediately before it evolves into WW3! can both requests exist in the same reality?

I want to be realistic and able to change my opinions in present tense but those quick twists are exhausting. I think I'm going to rest for a couple of days and encourage our other guest women writers working on their posts to hurry up and step inside. stay tuned.


Anonymous kari said...

I am staying tuned. Thanks for your blog.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous outsider said...

I think you are right to ask questions. Despite demolishing Lebanon, the rockets have hardly let up. I think there is a basic equation that can be made. One the one side, the amount of damage to Lebanon. On the other, the number of rockets hitting in Israel. According to military logic, the greater the damage, the fewer the rockets. This is patently not the case. So the Israeli army is increasingly looking like the class bully smashing everything it can find. The bridges taken down in Christian areas north of Beirut yesterday are yet another example.

I sympathise with people receiving HA rockets. But I thought this war was the wrong way to do things from the beginning (but I wish I had a magic wand to solve the problem). And unfortunately I still can't see the actual logic of it, apart from striking out as someone because you're angry. The threats on Beirut and Tel Aviv scare me.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous abe bird said...

You all forgot that this war is waged not only against HA violence and brutality but against those who sent them - Iran and Syria, and against those who gave HA shelter and legitimacy -Lebanon.

The fact that we ignore this truth, as we ignored in 200, may inflicts back in our face some day in the future and bring upon us greater disaster.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Carmel said...

i don't pretend to understand army logic. maybe the army things in advance about possible intrusion of Syria to Beirut and that's why they isolate it.

however we may be threatened i believe we're doing much more than necessary protection and Lebanon is not ours to invade, we're no better than any of our neighbors and i guess we deserve their company. I'll write more about this later, as i bring the photos and voices from the anti-war demonstration held today in tel aviv.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous outsider said...

Abe Bird, the arguments in favour of violence go around in circles.

"We must wipe out HA as they hate us".
"Why do they hate us? All we want is peace."
"They hate us because of the previous occupation."

So we're back to square one, the simplest, most unforgiving fact of life: violence breeds violence. The greater the pressure, the greater the reaction. Israel - like every country - most certainly has the right to defend itself. But at what stage does defence become a pretext for a more sinister operation? And at what stage does defence applied so vigorously become a catalyst of radicalism on both sides?

That line was breeched weeks ago, in my humble opinion.

It was debatable whether the Israeli army could really defeat HA completely. But the action was undertaken. I personally don't see the way out. It's an unwinnable war on both side. Hezbollah could never in a million years push Israel into the sea. Israel can never stamp out Hezbollah by military means. Talking of stepping up the bombing will indeed "show them". But don't be surprised by the reaction from whatever quarter it might come.

4:20 PM  

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