Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kung-fu, Kindergarten and war

The Martial Art of Kung Fu isn't really about kicking each other's ass like in movies. It's really about reaching such a high level of self defense, that you actually never get to use it and you just live in harmony with life. I like this idea when I think of armies too. The stronger you are, the more you practice, should mean less likelihood to get into conflict. I don’t like this morning's headlines; it seems Israel is preparing for a real war. The more strength, unity and righteousness are being exercised, I smell disaster.

Do we really want to destroy Hezbollah? Do we really want to see the horrible things that hide behind this puppet and meet them face to face (Iran's atomic weapons, for instance…)? Does anyone in this country have any idea what he's doing one day after tomorrow??? Or as Elza Maaluf, a Lebanese-American citizen, active in the Integral newsgroup I attend, asked: Does Israel really think it can bomb an ideology?

Kid A: The sand box area is mine. if you step in there, I'll hit you with a stick
Kid B: Yours? Interesting, since I'm already standing in it for an hour. If you try to get me outta here, I'll hit you with a stone.
Kid A: You won't dare, you're a coward
Kid B: Did you call ME a coward??? @###Boom!@@##
(Throwing sticks and stones)
Adult: Put down the sticks and stones and play together immediately
Kid A: He is in MY sand box
Kida B: Technically it's MY sand box
Kida A: I was here first
Kid B: I was sent here by the kindergarten teacher herself!
Adult: I'm sorry guys but nobody can own a sand box. Besides, it's big enough for both of you to play.

This isn't' really about space, is it? It's about having things the way I want them in the world because I can't comprehend it else how. A different will becomes an enemy. Reality becomes an enemy and we seem to keep arguing with it, wanting to change it, wanting more pieces of it…
Listen, kids, men, I don't have time and patience for your lethal sand fights. Can the kindergarten teacher please interfere?

I wish this was as simple as this morning's kung fu lesson: always stay out of the range of your partner. The instant he enters your range – attack. But if he pulls back don’t chase him into his range, boy, you'll be in trouble than, Carmel. Even if you think you can handle it, that you're stronger, that you already know all his tricks, do not be tempted. Every time I was tempted to stay too much within his range, I got hit, since I couldn't maintain this full concentration for too long. Even if you're Bruce Lee, your first priority is to get outta his range. Only than we weigh the necessity of hitting back from a different angle. It depends what you're trying to accomplish.

The more energy you use, the larger your movements are, you're not following the best option, Carmel. Do not resist if he pulls you, flow with him, it's your best chance to find a weak spot on the way, use his own force against him, you can do it without any force from your side, sometimes it's just a twist away. We're fighting in order to be safe. Your first priority is defense. You hit your partner as a signal teaching him where are his weak spots, where his awareness isn't present yet and he's not covering it. Try to learn from his hits too.


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