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It isn't over till the hidden imam writes a poem

After a couple of depressing days of escalation, and so many soldiers killed daily, the war ended abruptly. That same day Hezbollah said they won't necessarily leave the south of Lebanon or disarm and Basher Asad said maybe it's time for Syria to fight for the Golan heights and after last night's IDF activity in Baalbeck maybe it is too early to book our vacations. But 24 hours after the ceasfire when no more rockets were flying around Israel, the real part of the war was officially over and people hurried back to normality. Docurel wrote about this, that creativity is the best answer to evil, and than it hit me. This is all about creativity.

Since we took over this piece of land we made wonders. We dried the swamps and created a modern high tech creative western country in such a short time. We Israeli people or even Jews in general, have a lot of creativity; that is undisputable even by our enemies. But I think this is really why we're so hated. We always stand on our feet and create, no matter what happens. And that freaks out people who can't create or are lazy, and they wait for someone else to do it and try to take it away from him. We must be the most hated people in the world, didn't you ever wonder why? Those crazy fanatic theologies are a good cover for pure jealousy on the part of people who are better in destroying than in creating.

Realizing that didn't make me feel much better since the war between the people who create and design realities and the people who are parasites of the creation, is not going to end soon. Parasites have good fantasy stories about the world order they want to create, but what they actually do is destroy things they don't like that belong to other people, and constantly deny reality. If we were to take our bags and leave the Middle East they'll find enemies within their own people who create, as it was before the Zionist movement existed. The countries who suffer from those extreme sects are always the ones who have more ability to create for themselves and prosper, like Lebanon or Iran in the Shah days. Because this isn't really about religion, ideology or oppression, it's about lack of ability to create the world you want from the materials of this reality.

Maybe we will never sit here in peace, maybe our society will keep living in an on going emergency state in a constantly post traumatic culture, but at least we're creative. As long as we create i know we wont' be extinct.


Blogger HCB said...

An interesting idea, Carmel. But permit me to offer a little different take by analogizing the situation to the American West of the mid to end of the 19th century. That's when we eradicated the "native american" or "American Indian." Europeans - who were the technically advanced Americans - went West to take the land from the Indians. (While I draw the analogy, keep 1948 in the back of your mind) At first, there was no real resistance - the Nez Perce led by Chief Joseph actually protected and assisted Louis and Clark. But then the flood began and the Indians didn't like it. "War" ensued with the Indians having meager warmaking capacity and the Europeans having modern repeating rifles - even Gatling guns. But what really did it was displacing the Indians from their ancient and holy hunting and living sites. Then the problem was keeping them from coming back - they had to be killed. So - we killed their food. The American Bison - the Buffalo. We reduced herds of millions to a total of 10,000 in a matter of a few years. And we lied and cheated and stole until the Indians are where they are today - hovels and decrepit little towns.

The Indians weren't "parasites" and your innuendo in that regard is not helpful in the Mideast. More accurately, the Indians and the "technically challenged" mideasterners resisted and continue to resist change. They are satisfied with the way things are and always have been. The European-American and the Israeli are never satisfied with status quo and have an unquenchable desire to make things "better."

It's the same idea that so many Americans have about 9/11 and arabs and muslims in general - they are all "jealous" of us and "want what we have without working for it." That leads to the conclusion - the completely insane conclusion - that Iran wants to take over the US.

Your enemies are smarting from and still pissed off by being booted from what they consider their ancient home. They don't want the resulting change and they are determined it won't continue. Meanwhile, Israel is saying precisely the opposite. Thus you have the very modern, very capable Israeli Army and Air Force with the most modern killing machines and tools available fighting a relatively primitive group of people who just don't understand how you get away with it. Israel's PR problem - and a source of much of the hate you mention - is that immense physical superiority. It's the giant bouncer in a bar beating up the little, wimpy guy for throwing a drink. Throw the little guy out but don't beat him bloody.

Israel has to - I think - put more emphasis on the good than on evil. I mean on both sides. Rather than seeing evil and hate and reacting accordingly, Israel should be a force for good. It should also be willing to see its neighbors as more than parasites (although, in current times I can certainly understand why that's difficult) and more like people. Mothers, fathers, daughters .... Build a hospital for the Palestinians. Just one. Not a big one. But something to show Israel is more than a hugely powerful machine of destruction that reacts angrily when provoked.

And get more women like you and Lilu doing more than writing about it. Run for office. Dammit - you're both young and smart and energetic. Make a difference.

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Myrna said...

Heb, not sure if you give me chills(good ones) or make my eyes water(from joy) when I read your words.

Phil and I have already been discussing starting a blog for people to discuss 'making a difference' like Seeds of Peace or Abraham Fund does.

I don't want Carmel or the women on this blog to retire from this blog because I get such positive hope from this group of bright young women when they speak.

Someone suggested to me today that maybe Israel should just move all its people to Africa and create an amazing world there.

I said that the region would still be fighting, the non creative victims with the more resourceful of those lsft.

I'd love to get people like Wayne Dyer to start some big movement, maybe political, and start living compassion and listening to others who are so different. I know listening isn't enough with the really angry and jealous of the pack.

Gotta keep changing one at a time in our own lives...I always keep referring to the 'butterfly effect'.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Myrna said...

Forgot to mention, that hospital idea built by the Israelis for the Palestinians...amazing, what inner power and love would that be!!

11:04 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

I remember as a teenager calling my parents "tyrants", when the hard truth was that I was a disobedient, rebellious, and arrogant kid who did a lot more to hurt my parents than they had done to me. I had to face up to that truth later on, and it was very difficult. We often want to label others, to dismiss their very real needs, in order to avoid facing the hard truths. This is part of being human.

Bush is often telling us that "they hate us for our freedom". I've heard this repeated, knee-jerk style, so many times that I really just want to kick something. It's too easy. And it works too well.

We can try to dismiss our enemies as unjustifiably hateful people, but at some point we will all have to be faced with the hard truths.

Like this one, in the form of a blog entry by a Lebanese woman on :

23 going on 50
Today, I have aged.

I'm 23 going on 50.

I'm old and tired and my body aches...

It doesn't respond well to being huddled in the corner of the bathroom, crying. My stomach is queasy, and I resist the urge to vomit every 5 minutes. I take a look at the bathroom walls, absorbing every detail when a scary question comes to mind: what would be the quickest way to evacuate the house? What items would I need to take along?

That question shook me to the very core, and the tears that had been building up since the beginning of this hell exploded. It was as if the dam had broken and I could hold them back no more. Huddled in my corner, heaving and sighing, I started making mental notes: the most important item was my grandfather's medicine... more tears welled up... his cane too... God, would he make it out of the house on time, if we had to leave?

I dry my tears.
I promised myself I would never again succomb to this helplessness. Its just that the longer this goes on, the more time we'll need to recover, and more of my dreams will have to be postponed.

I feel older, much older.
More cynical too.

Grasping on to my humanity, I vow I will go down kicking.
I'm not ready to blow out those candles just yet.
posted by hopeful beirut at 9:13 AM

11:32 PM  
Blogger Carmel said...

not all wars are about that. U.S first settlers and American Indian are both creative crowds, those were other issues. this distinction doesn't cross between this or that nation, it's between kinds of people. most terrorism seems to be about that but i don't think it applies to other disputes.

12:28 AM  
Blogger HCB said...

It's nice to meet you, Myrna. I like the ideas you advance on your site and admire you for being able to do so much by applying your mind. And, Phil, it's nice to meet you also. We need now some people who are not so agreeable - some people who will present the reasons for so much hate.

Carmel, I grew up in the south. A long time ago. While I was in grade school and junior and senior high school, the schools, the buses, the water fountains in stores were all segregated by race. (And I am NOT talking about the 19th century so stop rolling your eyes) My family had an orange grove and my brother and sister and I all had to help work the grove. We had help from a black tenant farmer nearby and his father. One day his father, a very old looking black man and I were going to town. I was 16 and I was permitted to drive the pickup truck. I told him to "hop in" and he hopped in the back of the truck. I said, "up here ..." And he said, "no suh, mr. Howard. Niggers don't ride up front." Go into a store and there was a water cooler with a sign over it that said, "Whites" and a basin with a faucet with a sign that read, "Colored." No black person ever - EVER came to our beach unless it was to wait tables or sweep streets. And so forth. That began to end in 1954. Then a little black girl proposed to enter a formally all white school in Alabama and the Governor - George Wallace - barred the door himself with his police. Attack dogs attacked blacks and there were lynchings and worse. All of this in a country with the "Bill of Rights" that begin "We hold these rights to be self evident ....."

Changing that way of life is still under way. But in the '50's and 60's there were bloody, riots with shootings and fire bombings. All because things HAD to change - there could no longer be a class of people living in the middle of a much higher class without a whimper. And all through those days, the sincere but misguided "moderate" people were counselling blacks to "work within the system" for change. They didn't understand that it was the "system" that had to change.

I think that's what is finally happening in the mideast and that Condoleeza Rice - as much as I dislike her - may be right. There's a "new" mideast a-comin'. Like it or not, good or bad, it has to happen because the two sides are so very far apart philosophically, religiously, economically - in every way imaginable. In our case it was easier - there was just "them damn niggers" and the "white folks." The black people had no real roots in the country other than slavery so we didn't have to concern ourselves with holy mountains and wailing walls and the like. But you people - you have EVERYthing to change. Or to find a way to accomodate. Perhaps that's what is really missing - perhaps you ought to be finding more ways to accomodate. As, of course, should the muslims. It simply cannot be one way or the other. There's not going to be a sudden industrial revolution and it might be that Israelis need to recognize that grandfather in old Palestine doesn't care about the new cell phone that plays mp3s and shows movies.

Respect is the key. Respect for each other. You don't have to love each other, intermarry or break bread together. It would be nice but it's not necessary. Simple respect is what is needed now. Later you'll break bread and talk about things other than war and history and religious bigotry.

That's why you and Lilu are so important - you can make a difference. Don't go yelling that people have to "understand" or that they MUST do ANYthing other than respect each other. Listen, consider and be polite. You two can do that and you can get others to do it - I've seen it on the BeirutLive blog. You make sense and you are passionate.

"Leadership" in the United States has been translated to "do the bidding of the electorate." "leadership" is pimping to whomever it's important to pimp at the time. That's why Senator Lieberman is in trouble. I don't care much for him as a "leader" but he is at least trying. But he's being trashed because he's not doing the electorate's bidding - he's not simply saying "this is what my constituents want" but is saying, "this is what I think is best in my considered opinion." You have the opportunity to persuade people that they need to be more accomodating of each other. And that's a very big problem in Israel with the dramatically different points of view in your Knesset. But if you can get all of those factions talking to each other and then talking to the "enemy" -- well, there will be statues in Tel Aviv and Beirut.

I've lost good friends to stupid wars made by chicken hawks who's egos got in the way of good sense and thoughtful decision making. It's so easy - when you are so powerful - to say, "do it my way or die."

And, Myrna and Phil - the incredible part of this whole thing is that we see Israel as so very powerful. But the average Israeli feels very vulnerable and a little weak. I cannot imagine what it must be like walking down a street never knowing if someone next to me is suddenly going to explode. Or if a randomly fired rocket might come through the window. It's a terrible way to live.

And it's up to Lilu and Carmel and their friends and colleagues to change it.

I sincerely hope we've all picked the right God. And that he blesses you with wisdom and patience and compassion.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think all people and peoples are creative by nature. Your first paragraph troubled me because I got a hint of nationalism which is so not in the spirit of this blog. In my humble opinion the reason modern Israel did so well in terms of infustructure and creating the state was that they had a fresh start and a lot of motivation to do it, plus a certain national unity of purpose. As was the case with post war Germany and Japan.
I don't know if you are the most hated people in the world. In my experience having lived in the arab world as a european, i can tell you that the arabs hate you because they have been brought up and brainwashed to do so under the flag of Iraeli occupation of palestine. That's what they learned in schools and that's what they see on the news. Most arabs have never had a conversation with an Israeli. So sure they hate you. However I have personally witnessed, the meeting of Israelis and arabs out of the region and not in the United States where it is so politicised and seen people on both sides being shocked at the humanity of the other. I have seen tears roll at the realization that they can get along and be friends. If by some metaphysical way it was possible for an exchange program of populations for a few days, for each side to see the others humanity then all problems would be solved. Borders ethnicities and religions are manufactured differences between us, below all that we are all human.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Myrna said...

Look what this blog is becoming..amazing even more amazing than I felt the first time I read a post.

Anonymous(what is your name?)asked for an exchange program of populations. Check out which is doing a great job inviting Palestinian and Israeli youths to join together to communicate, learn and play.

Where do you live now(anonymous)?
And 'Heb', your first name if I may ask?

1:38 AM  
Anonymous Myrna said...

Heb, just thought of something. You want the people who are not so agreeable and are filled with 'hate'. The problem is that most of the time choosing to hate is not quite a conscious decision. It's more of a reaction. It's reactive not proactive. Creative people are usually proactive. Reactive people can not really have the kind of discussions you are asking for.

Someone must go try to talk(or perhaps LISTEN) to leaders such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and break the silence, stop the mud slinging.

Or maybe I should just keep repeating the 'butterfly effect' and do it on a person to person level even if it seems like it will never reach out to the hard liners or the 'crazys' or extremists.

I know I am on a roll with my mind. The Israeli Women have given us a platform! Todah Rabah to them.

1:57 AM  
Blogger HCB said...

Hello Myrna - I'm Howard. From Florida.

I admire also your ambition. My difficulty is that there is not a thing in this mad world that I can do about the madness. My opinion is that too many people - well meaning people - are involved in deciding what's "right" and "good." And so, the United States runs around the world like a Catholic Missionary spreading "Democracy." Whether or not it's wanted, understood or even has been imagined.

I served in Vietnam and went into a lot of small villages in the mountains and in the plains. We (the Army) were bound to kill viet cong and North Vietnamese Regulars but we were also intending to "win the hearts and minds" of the ordinary vietnamese. That person had never heard of Thieu or Ky - the president and vice president of the country the US had installed. That person likely would nver go more than 10 km from his or her home in his or her lifetime. That person fished or farmed and raised children and slept at night and worked during the day. That person had no idea about a central banking system or of any government outside the local province. Worse - that person really didn't care to know. So - we come in declaring democracy and that we're the "good guys," The VC and NVA come in saying, as has been the mantra for centuries, "give us half your crop or we'll kill you and take your young people away."

Do we force people to change so they live as we think they should live? Do we even try to persuade them? There are a lot of Russians right now who wish Stalin or, at least, Khruschev could return to power. They don't want "freedom" or "democracy." And the "despots" who rule them are happy they don't want it.

And then, of course, is the hypocrisy of the whole thing. We are perfecty content to sit and ignore the enormous tragedies playing out in Africa where hundreds of thousands of people are killed yearly. Since there is no oil, though .....

No - I think what people outside the immediate area should be doing is saying, "if there's anything I can do, please tell me." And then try to facilitate respect and patience. Try to live and act the way we think all those people should live and act.

When we involve ourselves directly - including by way of directly supporting Israel - we create enormous problems. And we prevent what Anonymous above correctly notes - that people need to just sit and talk and get to know each other. So long as our president prohibits that talking and so long as everyone wants to tell them what to talk about and so long as we make it easier to have a war than to talk peace, there will be bloodshed and tears by the bucket.

I come here to tell these nice women that I admire them. To do what I can to encourage them because I think they are fundamentally good. But I cannot presume to tell them what is the solution or what they should do - other than respect each other, And try to create an environment where trust is possible. Find a way the children can get along with each other.

Sit and drink a beer together without taling about all the evil.

2:11 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

Carmel: Maybe I mistook the message of your post, and if so I apologize. You are suggesting, then, that the "parasites" are NOT Arabs per se, but the people who terrorize? Maybe there are a lot of people on all sides of many issues who would fit this distinction... ;)

I've got to agree, by the way, with Myrna. There's some pretty incredible discussions developing on this blog. (Warning: Myrna and I have agreed to gang-up and insist that you folks keep this blog going.) :)

I've been collecting a list of blogs by Palestinians, Lebanese, and Israelis, and am working on gleaning the ones that seem to be reasonable and compassionate. Thinking about setting up a joint blog, a kind of forum, for people of different backgrounds to get together and share personal stories. This could be a great opportunity for finding a mutual understanding, for healing, and for making friends in unusual places.

2:13 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

Yeah, Myrna, the hateful/extremist folks are really difficult to talk to. There was a neo-nazi rally in Olympia a few months ago. We got a whole lot of people in the community to rally together in response, and particularly to show our support for the local synagogue. Some of us even tried emailing and talking to the neo-nazi's. What an exercise in futility! Still got the outline of a brick on my virtual forehead. :)

What's scarier is that racism has almost gone mainstream in America. I've been posting on several local forums, particularly the comments page of our local newspaper. The vitriol is overwhelming and seems unbeatable. I think that maybe, if anything is to be done about it here, a non-violent direct action campaign may be in order.

Howard, you seem like a very cool guy. I'd suggest having a beer, but we're on opposite ends of the country. Oh, well.

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Myrna said...

Let's meet in NYC then. All the Israeli women are invited. I will put you up.

2:42 AM  
Blogger Carmel said...

yea i think this post was a bit misunderstood. we always tend to group people in their nationalities or in any other form and i was trying to break all the groups structures you know and say this is the battle between people who create and the ones who can't so they try to be parasites or destroy. there are many people in Israel and amongst Jews who are not creators. but in general as a people we do have large amount of creativity.

of course i didn't mean to group all Arabs, Phil. as i said, amongst Arab nations, the parasites destroyed creative pockets like Beirut or Teheran of the Shah days. the Arab people who think of building and creating a good life for themselves will succeed and change things. the ones who set their minds on destroying what others (we?) have now, will not, in the long run. that's what i think. and this is what i think lays beneath other stories we tell ourselves about why there's hate or war here.

he who cannot create the life he wants holds on to myths and tries to destroy lives other built in the name of it. this is a force that has no gender, race or nationality but there are groups in which it has more or less weight. some terror groups in history had creative energy and terrorized as a mean to create because it was the only way to change, to break. but i don't think that's the case we have today.

12:49 PM  
Blogger HCB said...

Ok - I can't resist, Carmel. A lot of what you say makes a lot of sense. And there's no "but" in there somewhere.

Here's what I took as the heart of your idea (end of the next to last paragraph)

"Because this isn't really about religion, ideology or oppression, it's about lack of ability to create the world you want from the materials of this reality."

What if the "reality" is that "these" people are simply happy to be primitive. Not "resigned" to mediocrity but "happy" with their lot? That includes - as you correctly note - fights among themselves. But that's been going on in various cultures forever. In some of the Pacific Islands, people ate each other - and not because they hadn't invented the Big Mac. Iraq will NEVER be peaceful - I cannot imagine why intelligent people cannot understand or accept that fact. But the same was true in the Balkans - wasn't it? Had it not been for Tito, Yugoslavia would have disintegrated long before it finally did. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator on the order of Hitler but he's also the reason Iraq was "stable." Where we run around trying to persuade he would simply say, "shoot him."

The reality I think we all duck is the reality of the real genesis of the "problem." The manner in which Israel came about. It is a festering sore in the national psyches of everyone directly involved and, in the backs of everyones minds, the thought is, "should there be an Israel?"

I don't think the answer is that if there wasn't the people in the area would simply find someone else to have wars with. That's true, of course, but it's not the answer. I think the answer is, "that's not a relevant question and we need to get it out of or minds." That is so, because - if I understand correctly - there's no chance Israel is going to voluntarily dissolve itself. So - the question is completely irrelevant as a practical matter.

However - it remains in everyone's minds. So the REAL question is, "how do I rid people of that thought?" And the answer to that, so far, is "screw 'em - if they want to feel that way, screw 'em." And they "screw you" and blow up a market or launch a rocket and you blow up a hovel or launch a war.

The REAL answer is to ask this question - of Israelis: "What can we do to make ourselves welcome here?" You are the new people in the neighborhood and the neighborhood doesn't like new people. Especially not when they have different ideas about how to live and what to believe. Ever watch the old series (probably before you were born) "All in the Family?" If you have, remember the fear and hate created by the idea of a black family moving into the neighborhood. Remember how the Jefferson's showed the poor white's up by buying an expensive "apartment in the sky."

Have you ever heard much of Charleston, South Carolina? It's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Try moving there - try getting accepted into the cliquish society of those who live in the grand old homes around the Battery.

Israel - with respect - lives with its heart on its sleeve and its defenses are always up. We have a local organization called "Prime" which means something about "Promoting Responsible reporting form the middle east" It's generally recognized as an organ of the Antidefamation league. It jumps on any hint of a story that talks about Israel in any terms other than glowing. Why?

The Holocaust was an event beyond comprehenision or rational discussion. But it has become a symbol not only of how unimaginably cruel people can be but also of a Jewish mantra of "we should never forget." And we shouldn't. But sometimes, Israel does things that certainly make it appear the lesson of the Holocaust is not on the top of everyone's memory bank. Of course the scale of killing is not even remotely close but that's not important. The fact of the matter is that the Holocaust shows what can happen when power is unlimited and bigotry and hatred take over.

And, that, Carmel, is what I think really is going on in the Mideast. Two conflicting haters are venting their hates militarily. Until you are welcome in the neighborhood, you will ALWAYS feel threatened because you are, in fact, threatened. And you are not going to be welcomed by demanding the welcome.

Finally - I know Israelis and Jews are not unkind people. I know them to be as or more compassionate than most people. Certainly more so than the bigots will ever admit to. But that's not enough. That compassion must be demonstrated. It means trying to understand why a young person would elect to become a "suicide bomber." It means trying to understand the practical and symbolic effect of the "wall" built to keep the subhumans out. It means looking at yourselves with the eyes of the "enemy" and trying to see what can be done to alter the image.

Maybe, of course, the answer is nothing can be done - as you suggest in the last paragraph of your essay. But, in that case, you ought to consider moving Tel Aviv to Miami. And bring the air force - we could make a deal on how and what to do about Cuba ....

12:01 AM  
Blogger Carmel said...

I'm sorry, HCB but you continue to take my words to other directions with logical jumps your interpretations make. primitive? did i say something about primitive? what is primitive anyway? people could be very advanced on scales the west measures those things and still unable to create. it's an intention, it's an approach to problems. and i repeat it has nothing to do with all other categories you divide people by, those kind of people exist in all categories. i mean creativity in the most broader sense of creation and not some modern world productiveness.

1:02 AM  
Blogger HCB said...

No, no - Carmel - you misunderstand me. I said, "primitive" - not you. And what I meant can only be measured as the difference between our "technically advanced" societies. And, of course, the different philosophical bases. You and I grew up in a world of flush toilets. A lot of people don't have them as we speak. They are "primitive" in my meaning of the word. It's a category but it's not demeaning.

Of course you're right when you wonder what is "primitive" and you suggest people could be "advanced" but still not be "creative." But I think our difference is semantic. What is the "broader sense of creation?" What God did? Or Aristotle? Or do you mean that the lack of "creativity" is a kind of personal laissez faire?

All I meant is that the people who I categorize as "primitive" are settled and happy in their "primitive" ways. I don't meant that as they are less or not equivalent on the scale of humanity. But I did mean that with that settled way comes a philosophy. A set of values and beliefs. It is "primitive" only in the sense we tend to believe OUR values and beliefs are superior - thus the religious missions all over the world in the name of evangelism or proselytizing. That evangelism - which I contend includes insisting that "democracy" is preferable over all other forms of government - collides directly with the extant values and beliefs. It is that conflict which results in the physical conflicts going on now and forever.

But I certainly don't claim to be a trained philosopher and readily admit I may not even know of what I am talking. It just seems to me there must be some answer more sophisticated than "you're a Jew" or "you're an Islamic Fascist" And I'm struggling with how to find that answer.

But - my pizza is ready. Cold beer and hot pizza. The grown up answer to warm cookies and cold milk.

Later ...... :-)

1:27 AM  
Blogger docurel said...

Thanks Carmel, as usual, and in every language I enjoy reading your ideas.
BTW - how do you put links on the sidebar? Cant do it through blogger or am I wrong?

2:57 AM  
Blogger Unlucky Prophet said...

I really enjoy this. It's simply an amazing insight. Take care and be blessed.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Carmel said...

Howard, ok i guess we have to clear the meaning of creativity and creating... you can look into your family and close cycles maybe. you'll notice some people DO things. when they want to change something they start creating something ELSE to show an alternative. but others just complain, they talk and don't do. if something they like exists they find ways to take over it. if they don't like something they bash it, they criticize without offering an alternative. this is what I'm talking about.

those are the ways things are being created and about this are wars, i think. battles between creators end quickly because both sides create and eventually creations cooperate and there's a room for everything. continuous battles mean that at least one side isn't concentrating in doing, just maintaining its interests for the next round of destruction.

and Docurel: you have to enter the template and add the links in HTML. i know it's stupid and every basic blog in Hebrew makes it easier for you but that's how it is, check blogger help for further help, they let you copy code and you can just replace the content, that's what i did, since i dunno HTML.

11:47 AM  

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