Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am pissed off!

By Yael Israel

I'm pissed off, I'm mad, I'm furious, I'm so angry, I feel like blowing some faces. And I'm freaking out inside me from the unbearable pain.

And what do I get from this? The excuse for this bloody war, namely, bringing back our kidnapped soldiers failed miserably: not one of them was handed back to us and most probably they will never be returned. We failed to immobilize Hizbollah or to disarm them. And now we are standing naked in front of the whole world, while Syria who is lurking for years in the shade, waiting for us to weaken, is rising its ugly head, threatening to fight us. And now when Syria has sufficient proof, it might attack us.

This current Lebanon war is the worst war in the history of the State of Israel. Why? Because we are the only ones responsible for all the our failings. The situation now was unlike that of the 6th Day War or the Yom Kipur War, because we were'nt dragged into a war. We initiated it. It seems that a grave intelligence failure such as happened at the Yom Kippur War led us to this. However, back then we faced a surprise attack, but now we are the ones who initiated the attack. This war is even worse then the First Lebanon War, as at that time, at least our citizans were not harmed.
But this time we really messed up. The mess was so great, much greater than that of theYom Kippur War. The Israeli citizans suffered the most. Nobody estimated that this "little" military operation will turn into a real war. Dan Halutz, our Chief in Command, relied on his air force, and being terribly naïve or simply too busy with his stock investments, and thus unable to judge the situation, truly believed that his fancy air force will finish the job at one strike, so nettly, just as the naive Americans during the first Gulf War, who believed that attacking the enemy with their newest air crafts for a couple of nights will be sufficient to defeat them. Our Prime Minister and our Minister of Defence surely believed Halutz and his empty vain promises, who probably spoke so proudly about his beloved air force, and so they gave their consent for the attack; agreed to rush hastily into it.

Im not saying that the our PM and his ministers are not to blame. The very fact that the PM and Minister of Defence are in power blames them. But Im afraid Halutz have promised the PM & Minister of Defence, who have no clue in military issuses, as everybody in Israel suspected it when this usless pair rose to power, that everything will be OK and that his fancy airforce will finish the job. And the rest is history: our attack wasn’t a short clean cut operation, in which our soldiers leave the battle field without a scratch, rush home to their loving wives, expecting to be praised by everyone, but a big failure which left our army with its pants down: shortage of food & water, no basic equipment, no proper orders, and above all, led by Generals who underestimated the power of the enemy.

I am not sure which one is best: a moran Minister of Defence such as Peretz, a killer Minister of Defence such as Sharon (during the first Lebanon War), or a stoned Minister of Defence who is unaware as to what is going on around him, being too busy stealing archeology items, such as Moshe Dayan at the Yom Kipur War?

But one thing I know for sure: I do not forget nor forgive. I'm mad and I refuse to forgive. Too many people were hurt in this war. Too many people lost their self respect. And all of us lost our shaken feeling of security. We all received a preview of what is going to happen here in the future, but its all in vain. Just in vain. We'll have to fight this war again some time in the future, which means, that this war was not only unnecessary, but also develish.

I admit that if any one among the men responsible for the biggest mess in the history of Israel, would feel so guilty to a point of taking his own life or die of a broken heart (as happened after the Yom Kippur War to Chief in Command David Elazar ) , my heart will not grieve over him.


Blogger Sharvul said...

I'm sorry, but this is a pathetic and hysterical post.

The frustration you feel is understandable; many Israelis share your feelings. But labelling this war as "worse than Yom Kippur"?! To remind you, we lost more than 3,000 soldiers then (and almost lost the country in the first couple of days). How can you compare the two?

You feel shaken about losing your sense of security? Why? It's obvious now it was a FALSE sense of security. Better it was exposed when we still have a chance to mend things and restore it, no?

A devilish war? What can I say... And as for your comment that you will not grieve over someone committing suicide. Don't you feel you went a little overboard?

Oh, and Dado did not commit suicide. He died of a heart attack.

(PS - You might consider running a spellchecker before posting...)

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Justin Case said...

just as the naive Americans during the first Gulf War, who believed that attacking the enemy with their newest air crafts for a couple of nights will be sufficient to defeat them.

really, I recall the first gulf war vividly, and I remember fighting the largest tank battle since kursk.

Relax. You'll get another chance soon, jst do t with different leaders

10:33 PM  
Blogger Carmel said...

if that were an offer, Justin, I'd decline it politely :-)

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Keren said...

You write: " all of us lost our shaken feeling of security".
All of us, Yael? Who is "us"? As one who sat in a shelter with her children during the last month, I most say that my sense of security has never been compromised, nor "shaken" (as opposed to yourself, I do not appoint myself as spokesperson and refrain to speaking only for myself).
Yes, this was far from being a clean, quick and sterile war, but such wars exist only in angry people's minds. Yes, we should learn from the various mistakes that occurred during this war, but it is way out of line to ask for the blood of commanders and political leaders. Despite the threats Hezbollah and Syria are spreading over the media, I do not see Hezbollah fighters or the Syrian army in the midst of destroying Israel. At the moment they invest their energies in rebuilding their infrastructure. If they had the military ability to continue the war, I'm sure they would not have accepted the cease fire.
It is the nature of anger to blind and distort reality. If you look for one moment into your anger, before spreading it on the web, instead of culminating into hysterical declarations such as "devilish war", you would realize that in some cases war is the only way towards peace.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous btree said...

YI, I'm interested in you and your reader's response to the one op-ed I've seen published in the Israeli press during this war so far :-( that brings a historical perspective to the relationship of policy makers and the IDF.

Reuven Pedatzur, Prisoners to the Generals

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"realize that in some cases war is the only way towards peace" -
i wonder how long we (as humans) are going to keep using that cliche or when are we really, & i mean really going to look for alternative answers. it makes me very sad because i don't have the answers either.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous BOB said...

I have not always been a fan of some of Isreal's actions over the years, how ever no one has been lobbing shell's in to my neighborhood...I also am not thrilled at the prospects the UN will be able to do any thing above lip servive,(and spending members money).I have always believed the world needs a UN type organization, one that is not used for long-winded blow hards,and bashing who's not the so called "underdog".Face it:Hamas has hijacked Lebanon, with it's people paying a terrible price. If one could go to the UN, AND EXPECT it to provide a "quick reaction force" of international composition, there would be an option.This force MUST be made up of well trained and supplied troops, who are established in working together, and are maintained constantly, not just put together on an add-hoc basis.As with the US National Guard, they are soldiers who are trained at the standards of our general military.Usually however they are used in disaster response: rescue, communications, medical,etc. This capacity would be usefull in areas other then just in a combat capacity, but have capacity to use force if needed. Other UN forces could come in if needed, but have professional soldiers from the body co-ordinating. Do we want a true and inforcable cease fire,or more of the same? How serious is every one? Then lets get it done.Bob:Minnesota, USA

12:58 AM  
Blogger HCB said...

I've just read the Pedatzur item about "Prisoners to the Generals" and submit a couple of thoughts. I don't know about Nasser relying on his generals or, even, if Olmert truly relied on his. But I DO know that Lyndon Johnson did not rely on his generals - read, for example the excellent book on that very subject entitled Dereliction of Duty. Johnson and Macnamara actively LIED - they weren't simply mistaken in their interpretations - they LIED intentionally and repeatedly to conceal the true facts of vietnam from the American public.

I'm surprised about the misperception of George Bush's adventure where the idea is advanced that he relied on his generals to tell him the invasion of Iraq would be easy. Bush was asleep or in a trance - and still is. So he let his secretary of defense - Rumsfeld - call the shots. And Rumsfeld not only ignored the generals, he contradicted them. Recall that the then chief of staff of the Army said at least 200,000 troops on the ground would be needed and Rumsfeld called him out of touch with modern warfare. Read the book Cobra II.

I would bet Olmert did the same as Bush - I'm sure his air force was as exited and happy at the opportunity to try their new toys in Lebanon as was ours in Iraq. And I'm sure they gave some very overly optimistic estimates. But I doubt any of them had to work very hard to convince Olmert. And I will further bet the commander of your ground forces was screaming the entire time that "no war is won by strategic bombing - and that has been repeatedly proven over the past ninety years."

Your military and ours (US) operate under the same bosses - the civilian government. The military is a tool - not a decision maker. The modern military loves to play with their modern toys of destruction and are all itching to get a chance at "doing it for real." Especially where the chance of danger to the players is very small. It is up to our president and your prime minister to weigh the advice against the options. Your Prime Minister and our President are simply too anxious to have a war - that's the problem. And that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. THAT is what makes the Iran situation so dangerous today - Bush and Olmert and that whole crowd of fools surrounding them think they can get their way with bullying talk and then bullying air strikes. The first problem is that they have no idea what they really want - they just want to "win" - whatever that means in the current parlance. And then they decide they will. And since they know they are going to win there is really no reason to think about any other outcome. So they don't.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I respectfully disagree that Israel started the war. Missiles and mortars were being fired into (pre-67) Israel daily, and hezbollah crossed into pre-67, UN approved Israel to kill several soldiers and take others hostage. No other country in the world would sit back and take that without armed response, especially with people who seem to understand nothing but force.

Israel could have waged a much more successful campaign but, as a light unto other nations, showed remarkable restraint in minimizing civilian casualties--often at the cost of Israeli lives.

Unfortunately, with the improved technology available to Israel's enemies, missile attacks are much too easy to launch. I wonder how any UN border force is going to prevent that from recurring, and if they will forcefully oppose any future Israeli military ground response.


4:56 PM  

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